Monday, 28 March 2016

Steps to Fix the Broken Garage Door of your Home

Garage is not just used for storing the automobiles but it serve various purpose like storage rooms, workshops, utility areas etc. Garage door is the entrance to a house. It is inconvenient for anyone having the broken garage door. Two types of doors are available: manually operated and automatic one. In more than 90% of cases, when a door fails, it’s just due to broken springs. It is too much complicated for home owners to DIY; it may causes damage. If you can take help of tutorials then it’s become easy task for you but it is good idea to hire Garage Door Repair Estes Park.

Here we are showing some recommended steps and tricks on how to fix it.

Step 1: Check out the springs:

As I said earlier that most of time springs are the reason of door fails. Generally doors are operated by the two springs: torsion and extension. The extension springs are attached on both the side of a door. They work like a rubber band when a door is being closed. Torsion springs are located on the top bar and wind under tension while lifting the door.

Step 2: Use new Springs

It is a wise advice that replace all springs at same time if any of the springs break. It’s nothing but a bad recipe for disaster having old & new springs on a same door. There isn’t saying that when the former springs fails? It creates imbalance and it may create problem in door openers. Once a door opener breaks then you must have to repair it by the Garage Door Opener Repair Estes Park to function it properly.

Step 3: Installation

Installation is not an easy task to do. Sometimes such procedures are deadly if it isn’t carried in right direction. Only the trained and highly professional experts can do it with ease.

Step 4: Pick the Best Expert

Choosing the right person for the job is a quite difficult. Most of companies tell you to replace the old one just because of selling their stuffs to you. But the isn’t one of them. They provide the repair services on an affordable cost and work smoothly. If you are living in Estes Park and your garage door creates the problem then do not hesitate to call (970) 235-0344) the experts of Broken Spring Replacement Estes Park; they are experts in installing and maintaining the garage doors.